Melemov wants to sell the Dentistry in Smolyan, dentists protested

Dentists came out in protest against the proposal of Mayor Nikolai Melemov to sell the building of the Dental Polyclinic in Smolyan. “For us, this is like a bolt from the blue, and at the same time colleagues are signing new lease contracts,” Dr. Mitko Cholakov, deputy chairman of the Regional College of Stomatologists in Bulgaria, told Otsvuok. Both he and most of his colleagues have found out today about the submitted report, which will be considered by the Municipal Council on Wednesday. The mayor justifies his proposal with “investment intentions received”.
“We were a bit alarmed and surprised that the sale of the polyclinic premises is included in the upcoming session of the City Council. We, as conscientious tenants, are in no way informed and no one knows anything. Colleagues are also concerned that they may be left without medical facilities in which to practice. The reality is that primary and specialist dental care is carried out in the Dental Polyclinic. The only oral surgeon, orthodontist and pediatric dentists are located here,” added Dr. Cholakov.

The regional college of dentists has today submitted its position to Mayor Melemov, the chairman of the Municipal Council and the municipal councilors. They insist that item 19 on the agenda of the upcoming City Council meeting should be dropped, or postponed until there is a debate and a clear idea of how to proceed.

“I didn’t expect that at some point it would be communicated to us – we are selling the premises, everyone is bailing out individually. As long as they have committed to letting them, it is right that we at least get information about why, how and when this is happening and look at our options. It is not very fair to leave us with a fait accompli. Everything we do in the surgeries is at our expense – nothing is deducted from our rent, everyone has tried to make the workplace comfortable for themselves and the patients,” Dr. Victoria Piskova is angry. The young woman has been working at the polyclinic for three years and has signed a contract for two more years. Her colleague Dr. Martin Bojanov is in the same position. “It worries us that we are left with no other option for employment. Dental surgeries have special requirements, with a special status that is difficult to regularise in a residential or other building. There are requirements for lighting, for square footage, for height, for a waiting room, for a bathroom. Everything is regulated here because this is a dental polyclinic,” added Dr. Bojanov.

According to the president of the college, Dr. Emil Sariev, the vote on the sale of the building will require the re-registration of the dental care facilities. They fear that some dentists may cease their medical activities.