This is how the public report of donations in Sevlievo Municipality is not in fact public

Sevlievo Municipality does not have ordinance for receiving, managing and administrating donations. There are no internal regulations determining the order for signing donation contracts. Nonetheless, donations are being received, as discovered by “Pro Veritas” (“Za Istinata”), in the absence of rules and publicity. This raises the question of there the donations are going.

In 2019 Sevlievo Municipality has received 106 000 levs in donations from companies, as well as a long list of in-kind donations. The money was registered in the only donation report on the Municipality’s website, which was uploaded when “Pro Veritas” asked for a link to a public donation registry. It covers only the period from 1 January to 31 December 2019. There are no reports covering the past years, which does not lead to the conclusion that such donations have not been received.

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