Online workshop with the participation of ACF’s experts and local coordinators

On 30th of November 2020 from 14:00h. to 19:00h. an online meeting with the participation of the Anti-corruption Fund’s experts and local coordinators from 11 settlements took place.

  • Presentation of the project – context, making goal, partnership and monitoring, expected results;
  • Presentation of local accountability and integrity standard ;
  • Presentation of a Manual for the implementation of the Standard, practical aspects of the partnership with the local government, practical aspects of the monitoring for compliance with the Standard;
  • Presentation of good European and international practices aimed at improving the integrity and accountability of local government
  • Assessing the situation in the local context – communication with local government, access to information, accountability and transparency, codes of ethics, public participation in decision-making, civic monitoring of local government activities.


Link to the local accountability and integrity standard