Plovdiv Municipality insists on absorbing financial resources

“We will not absorb funds for “Alexander I” Primary School if we do not put the contract for its construction out to engineering.” This was stated by the relevant Deputy Mayor for Construction Plamen Raichev

A press release from the Municipality of Plovdiv explains how due to pressing deadlines the city government cannot succeed in making a public procurement for the construction of a new building in the yard of the Humanitarian High School.

The headline reads Plamen Raichev: We will not absorb funds for Knyaz Alexander I Primary School if we do not place the order for its construction on engineering.

It is clear from the headline that the keyword is “Absorb”, which Pod Tepeto has already warned about in the article Utilization, utilization, utilization in which Mayor Zdravko Dimitrov defended the engineering as follows:” If we had put the project out to tender, it could have taken a year and a half, maybe two. This money has to be absorbed in the fastest way, because there is a deadline for the absorption of the amounts for kindergartens and schools, which are under the Ministry of Education”.

Here is the argumentation of the relevant deputy mayors from today’s press release:

The small remaining time until the end of the Program of the Ministry of Education and Science “Construction, extension, superstructure and reconstruction of nurseries, kindergartens and schools 2020-2022” and the risk of the Municipality of Plovdiv failing to absorb funds are the main reasons the public tender for the construction of a new building of Knyaz Alexander I Primary School to be put into engineering. This was stated by Deputy Mayor for Construction and Investment Plamen Raichev in response to a letter from the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria, in which they demanded that the contract be terminated.

“Our wish was also for the contract to be announced for construction activities after a technical project has been developed and adopted, in line with the fact that the new building falls within the scope of a cultural and historical heritage site. Therefore, in the spring of last year, terms of reference for design were announced, prepared for a competition for a technical project. The assignment was submitted for approval to the National Institute for Immovable Cultural Heritage (NINKN), together with a sketch-visa of the property. NINKN accepted our assignment without any remarks within the established four-month term, but for the acceptance of the sketch-visa a Work Development Plan or a Volume Development Plan had to be made, which takes about 10 months. At the same time, the work on the project must be completed by the end of 2022 at the latest and be reported to the managing authority in early 2023. In order to be able to absorb the funds from the MES program, we launched the engineering contract, as this is the only opportunity not to lose the funds and to build a new building for the young students, who are now forced to study in two shifts “, commented Plamen Raichev.

He added that the selected contractor will have to align its project with the existing architecture of the old building in the plot, declared a cultural asset of national importance.

The amount of the contract is a total of BGN 6,745,981.62 with VAT, of which BGN 4,973,300 with VAT is a grant. ”

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