Meeting the citizens and local authorities of Varna


On 22 June 2022, Boiko Stankushev, Lora Georgieva, and Sofia Zheleva from the ACF team met with local government representatives and citizens in Varna within the framework of the project “Transparency and Accountability of Local Government.”

Nora Momcheva, Secretary of Varna Municipality, was the representative of the local administration with whom the ACF team met. The project and the drafted standard were presented and discussed at the meeting, and the Secretary of the Municipality undertook to discuss it further with the Mayor of Varna, Ivan Portnih, and his team.

Later the ACF team presented the project at a meeting with local civil society representatives, attended by journalists, civil society organizations, and activists.

The discussion focused on the mechanisms for active citizen participation in the local government. Most participants agreed that their proper and effective use would allow citizens to hold the local administration accountable for its actions/inactions.