The regional governor of Blagoevgrad contested in court the municipality’s decision to take a loan

The regional governor of Blagoevgrad, Nikolay Shushkov, challenged in the Administrative Court – Blagoevgrad the decision of Blagoevgrad municipal councilors to take a long-term loan.

The BTA news agency published the information, citing the Blagoevgrad regional administration.

The decision to take a long-term loan through the “Fund for Sustainable Cities” was taken at an extraordinary session of the Municipal Council on September 17. The loan would be used to realize an investment intention of renovating the existing aquapark in the city and expanding the park “Bachinovo.”

The reasons given in the regional governor’s order are that the decision was made in contradiction to the Law on Municipal Debt, according to which the initiative to submit a proposal for the assumption of municipal debt rests solely with the mayor of the municipality.

In fact, such a proposal was already submitted for consideration by Blagoevgrad Mayor Ilko Stoyanov at a session at the end of May but was rejected.

The municipal councilors should have considered the decision returned by the regional governor within two weeks. Still, at the session on October 7, the councilors rejected the proposal to cancel the decision to assume long-term debt, as well as to consider the order of the regional governor, by which they left in force the decision taken on September 17 decision, BTA recalls.