Meeting with citizens and local authorities in Blagoevgrad

On 17.11.2022, Boiko Stankushev, Sofia Zheleva, and Daniela Peneva from the ACF team met with citizens and representatives of the local government in Blagoevgrad. The meetings were held within the framework of the project “Transparency and Accountability of Local Government.”

In Blagoevgrad Municipality, the ACF team met with the city’s mayor, Ilko Stoyanov, and Maria Petrova, Deputy Mayor for Economy, Finance, and European Projects. Various examples and specific recommendations were presented for the introduction of good practices by the municipality to increase its transparency and accountability to citizens.

Later the same day, a meeting was held, attended by civil society organizations, active citizens, and representatives of the Blagoevgrad City Council. Representatives of ACF and citizens of Blagoevgrad discussed the types of mechanisms and specific tools for direct participation in local self-government and how citizens can make proposals and hold representatives of the local administration accountable.

The citizens presented and discussed concrete examples of the administration’s activities, illustrating their doubts about non-transparent spending on the one hand and not taking the public’s opinion into account, on another.