Meeting with citizens and local authorities in Plovdiv

On 11 May 2023. Boiko Stankushev, Lora Georgieva, and Sofia Zheleva from the ACF team met with representatives of local authorities and citizens in Plovdiv within the framework of the project “Transparency and Accountability of Local Authorities.”

Angelina Topchieva, Secretary of Plovdiv Municipality, and Tsvetelina Peneva, PR of the municipality, were the representatives of the local administration with whom the ACF team met. At the meeting, the project and the drafted standard were presented and discussed, and the municipality secretary committed to discussing it further with the mayor of Plovdiv, Zdravko Dimitrov, and his team.

The meeting with civil society representatives later in the day was attended by journalists, civil society organizations, activists, and municipal councilors who were also briefed on the project implemented by the Anti-Corruption Fund.

The discussion provided answers to the citizens’ questions on the concrete mechanisms for active participation in local government, and how citizens can hold local administration accountable for their actions/inactions. Specific cases of local importance were also discussed. The Anti-Corruption Fund received an invitation from some of the participants to hold follow-up meetings to present and discuss possible actions on specific local cases.