Meeting with citizens and local authorities in Kazanlak

On 17.05.2023, Boiko Stankushev, Lora Georgieva, and Sofia Zheleva from the ACF team met in Kazanlak with citizens and representatives of local authorities within the project “Transparency and Accountability of Local Government – Strong Municipalities.”

The ACF representatives presented the project activities and the Local Accountability and Integrity Standard and discussed with the Mayor of Kazanlak Municipality, Galina Stoyanova, the Secretary, Ivanka Ivanova, and the Chairman of Kazanlak Municipal Council, Nikolay Dimitrov, recommendations for the implementation of good practices by the municipality to increase its transparency and accountability to citizens.

The discussion with the local civic community later that day was attended by active civic organizations, municipal councilors, and local media. Participants in the event discussed possible tools for direct citizen participation in local self-government, means for holding officials accountable and concrete proposals for introducing various good practices in the work of local government.

The ACF team was invited to additional meetings to increase civic engagement in the local community.